Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gourmet Night

(and for this post.... it should be properly called gore-MET)

Yep. That i s chicken nuggets, boxed mac & cheese, and at least some spinach and shallots as the veg. Only because the only proper veg I had in the fridge was some "going south" baby spinach.
This is what happens when you're still trying to get used to the "working" schedule again, stoopid traffic and getting back in to some kind of a workout schedule.
It's one thing to be a foodie. It's another thing to be a foodie who is a women that is married to a man who is NOT a foodie. Anyone who is the primary cook for their house will admit that sometimes, as much as you may not care what you cook, you're fine as long as the other people in the house are good with it.
And my 30-going-on-12 hubby???
"Dude... chicken nuggets and mac & cheese?!?! Is this a special occassion?"
Works for him, works for me.

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