Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great recipes that you forget about...

I don't know why, but there are just some recipes I totally forget about until I make them (usually unplanned). Tabasco Shrimp Tacos with Spiked Sour Cream is one of those recipes.
See... my plan tonight was to stop at Fresh Market on the way home from work, and I wanted to get some egg rolls or pot stickers or something so I could make a shrimp stir-fry. The only way I can get my hubby to NOT complain about a stir-fry night is when I also have something like pot stickers or egg rolls.
Fresh Market? No frozen egg rolls, none in their semi-prepared foods, and I was not going to spend $9+ on chicken potstickers. Number one, I've never had a chicken potsticker that was not seriously lacking in flavor. Two, seriously... over nine bucks?? I am well away that this store is overpriced (it's a neighborhood over from where I live... and what a difference a neighborhood makes) but I wouldn't pay $9 for potstickers that were prepared for me.
So... came home... was still planning on the stir-fry (hubby would have to suffer). And... no ramen noodles. Wanna make a stir-fry night even worse? Try ro serve up only rice to the hubby.
And it was a long day at work with much stress and posturing with other groups (it's always fun when people try to change requirements a week before a project is supposed to wrap up - for a project that has been going on for over six months). I didn't wanna put up with the whines and complaints.
Enter Tabasco Shrimp Tacos.
Seriously... they take about 15 minutes to make. You put the seasonings on the shrimp and let that mellow, then mix up a lovely sour cream....
Um, yeah... there is Tabasco and chili powerder in there. I just re-charged my camera battery. Apparently the flash REALLY liked being all charged.
Anyway... then you cook up your shrimp.....

Good with flour tortillas, good with corn tortillas, or my favorite - on a tostada. Wonderful... yet I only make this recipe once or twice a year because I just forget about it.

(Although maybe that will change... I will admit that the hubby and I tried Taco Bell's new shrimp tacos over the weekend and we actually kinda liked them. Which is what must have gotten this recipe in my head)

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