Monday, August 2, 2010

Kitchen Things You Didn't Know Existed Until A Few Moments Ago But You Cannot Live Without

So... I've been watching old Julia Child on the new "Cooking Channel" (which is a lot like Food Network was when it started... they actually show COOKING SHOWS).

Today was an episode All About Eve... no wait, that's not right.... All About Breakfast.  That sounds better!

While going through the instructions on how to poach eggs, Julia showed an egg poacher much like the one pictured above.


I love poached eggs.  I'd rather poach an egg than fry an egg (because I always overcook them when I fry).  It's easy to do, but boy, going freeform I'm known to get some funky shaped eggs.  The only bad thing about poaching eggs is trying to get them in nice shapes.

My mission for next weekend... hit the foodservice supply place nearby to see if they have them.  It looks like Crate & Barrel might carry them also... but I'd rather check the foodservice place since I wanna get like six of them.


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Andie D. said...

Vic, I have sone silicone pods that I got at the pog. They're awesome! They're called poach pods.