Sunday, January 16, 2011

When life hands you lemons.....

Ya learn to... well... do something with lemons.

In the case of now having to live without wheat, that means trying to turn a "great, I spent $6 on that to try and feel like a normal person until I RUINED IT" into something tasty.

In the case of actually seeing Meyer lemons at the grocery store, it means time for some preserved lemon!

So... for Christmas day, we always have the parents over for cheeses and munchie things.  This year, in addition to wheat-free bread for the reuben dip, there was The Cracker Issue.  Yes, there are great alernatives like Nut Thins and rice crackers... but I wanted something cracker-like.  So I spent $6 on a package of wheat free "table crackers" (think saltines).  And I can tell you NONE of that money is spent on proper packaging for the crackers, since I dropped them as soon as I got home from the grocery store and every single damned cracker in the package broke.  So, I shoved them aside and figured I'd just make something with "cracker crumbs" in the near future.

And that turned out to be some very nice fried pork tenderloin.  Expensive fried pork tenderloin, but still tasty.

2011... my first full year knowing I cannot eat wheat.  Ain't this gonna be fun??

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