Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chili Cheese Omelet

Now, I will admit that I am a suck for anything with the "chili and cheese" combo.
Until our first trip to Las Vegsas, I didn't think that extended to eggs.
We were wandering around the mall in the then-Alladin hotel, looking for something to eat. We decided to stop at Cheeseburger since we were in that "my natural clock says its lunchtime in the midwest but it's breakfast time out here" state of mind and didn't know which one we wanted, and this place had both.
I recall being torn between a Cheeseburger or pancakes, when both the hubby (well, not then - it was two days later when we visted the smarmiest chapel in Vegas to get hitched) saw the omelet section of the menu... and a chili cheese omelet. We both ordered one, and waited with discussion on how it was either going to be the worst thing ever or the best thing ever.
Best thing, for sure.
Since then, I have made them at home on occassion, using leftover stockpiles of chili. It's also nice because I can make one big huge "family-style" omelet and just cut off a section for me and let the hubby eat the rest.
I do, however, need to get myself a new skillet, since the thing was a BLEEEEP to try and get out of the pan.

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