Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A whole new torture...


It was bad enough when we knew our March Vegas trip was probably going to be the only one this year since the layoffs at my work were a'coming.

It was also not fun to suffer through the summer months getting mailers from Harrahs DAILY with every single offer they could throw at us.

Now, we've got casino hosts calling. I CANNOT TAKE THIS!!

Thanks to the use of the father-in-law's airline miles, we could easily fly cheap.

We could stay one of several places for free.

It's just that whole "gambling money and food money" that we'd have to worry about. And sadly, cheap eats are no longer easy to find on the Strip.


I cannot wait to be employed again. The first three-day weekend we can manage, we are SO going to fly out to Vegas on a Friday night and come back that Monday (assuming I won't even get vacation days to take right when I start... I'm never going to be one of those lucky folks who is someplace long enough to earn more than the minimum of vacation days.....)


Rosie Hawthorne said...

I thought of you this past weekend when driving through Cherokee, NC,
and seeing the glittery Harrah's .

Ever thought about coming this way?

MrsVJW said...

It ain't the same as Vegas... and as nice as non-Vegas casinos can be, there are often just too many people around gambling the rent money. And that is sad to watch.