Sunday, January 24, 2010

Are you still on, blog-o-sphere???

So... yeah.

After we got back from Vegas, I was still dealing with "issues" from the food poisioning for about a week, and just when I thought I was returning to full health, one of those really annoying "not full blown enough to make you totally miserable but annoying enough" linger colds started. And decided it really, really liked me and wanted to stick around with me.

So, cooking around here has been pretty damned dull lately. Lots of repeats, lots of half-assed meals (grilled ham & cheese) and just general BLAH.

But I am happy tonight. Now that I know the Superbowl will be Favre-Free (I was seriously NOT going watch if it was going to be four hours of listening to FavreLove from the commentators AFTER they'd beaten my Saints... ) I will be able to watch that and cheer on the Saints, who I have been rooting for all season (which usually means certain doom for a team, so we'll see).

Hopefully, I'll get back to some regular-ish posts this week. If nothing else, I have plans to make a pork tenderloin, and that is almost always a disaster worth sharing.

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