Sunday, January 31, 2010

For Kimmie

One of the great things about the Internet is how you get to meet people you wouldn't get to know otherwise.

But the downside of that can be, you also loose more people that are close to you than you would in "regular" life.

Since 2003, I've been lucky enough to be a part of a group of wonderful (mostly) women centered on sharing recipes... but we also share much more of our lives.

Sadly... our group has lost three members, too soon.

Kimmie had breast cancer. And she fought it, hard. But it fought back. And hopefully now she is at peace.

So what do you do when the family is thousands of miles away and you can't give your support to them?

In my case... you honor the memory of that person by making something they have made, and enjoyed.

Kimme and I (among others) are meatloaf challenged. But there was one recipe that was tried by another of our ranks (oddly, also named Kim) that worked for her. Cajun Meat Loaf.

So tonight, for dinner, I made a cajun meatloaf.

Ready to go into the oven.....

And oh my goodness... coming out of the oven... is that an actual meatloaf success???

Indeed it is. Thank you Kimmie, for still being able to help me. (And thank you Killie, for finding this recipe in the first place).
This is a meatloaf with a kick... a LOT of cayenne that hits you on the back in. But it came together, it stayed together as it cooked, and the hubby, Mr. "I Hate All Meatloaf", actually had two slices.
Success, indeed.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Bless you, Kimmie.