Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reading Rainbow.....

Since discovering I can read PDF ebooks on my Palm, I've been reading.

A LOT. Like, during the jobless period, I polished off a book and a half a DAY. Sadly, it now takes me like two days (sometimes three, with all the new TV on) to finish a book.

One of the first things I started out with was the "Twilight" series. I know people who have read all the books and they gushed about them. Hey, I did my time as a goth back in my 20s... should have been right up my alley.

I'm also HUGELY into vampire myths and stories. The later high school years and all of college were almost a challenge to see which courses I could use to do research on vampires for term papers... of course English (and British literature), history, religion... vampires helped get me through college.

Which is why I was surprised that I *hated* the whole Twilight series and the rest of the world thinks I'm nuts because of that. (I don't know it exactly but Alan Ball summed part of it up for me... a vampire story without the element of sex is pretty pointless. It's supposed to be an exploration of all things dark and dangerous and forbidden - all parts of human nature that are better "explained" by being not human. NOT supernatural creatures that "sparkle").

And I'm not even going to go into the overall writing quality of the novels except to say "bad".

So, yeah, after I once go caught in a discussion of the whole Twilight thing at the grocery store and the check-out girl looked at me like I had two heads (or maybe just one non-sparkle one) when I said I didn't like the books... I knew I was in the minority.

Enter... Nightlight. The brilliantly written, Harvard Lampoon take on the whole thing.

And it is BRILLIANT.

And at least from Amazon reviews, there is some hope for humanity in people that say they were fans of the series but still liked Nightlight, too.

I started reading it on the plane ride to Vegas, but had to stop since I kept getting odd looks from people when I'd laugh at something (and right after that whole Detroit scare, I didn't feel like causing a National Incident) but I did finally get around to finishing it, and found it to be very entertaining. I'm trying to get the hubby to pass it on to one guy he works with who has a wife that is in love with the Twilight series, so he's forced into all things "Team Edward/Team Joseph" by marriage. (I wish someone would have made "Team Apocalypse That Unmakes It All" shirts, but I was not so lucky.) I know he'd get a kick out of it while he tried to hide his humor from his wife.

If you hated Twilight, you'll probably like it. If you liked Twilight, you might like it. And if you just want this whole Twilight thing to be over... well, ya still got another movie (right? the second one came out or am I just being hopeful??) to go.

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