Sunday, January 27, 2013

Potato Soup

Yeah... no pictures.  I didn't take any while I was making it, and the picture with the original recipe are way better than I would have ever done yesterday.

I love potatoes.  Jacques Pepin has an awesome recipe for a potato leek soup that uses potato flakes that I love.  But in trying to cut down the carbs, that would be a no-no.  Potatoes do not seem to cause the blood sugar issues I get with some other starchy stuff, so they are one thing I do still have sometimes.

The day before I made this soup, my own went and died while I was trying to bake off the potatoes.  Stovetop still works, broiler still works, but I've been oven-less for about a week (it'll be a week by the time oven fixin' dude comes on Tuesday... yes, it probably would not have been hard to get the parts to fix it ourselves, but some times it's just easier to go with the repair dude).

Back to the recipe.... so good.  Did not tell the hubby it was half cauliflower, and I finally convinced when he was into his second bowl, he shrugged and kept eating.

And a lightened up soup means you can put that bacon on cheese on top of it without feeling guilty.  I am all for that.

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