Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Veal Parm Burgers

Are the cobwebs gone? 

Long time no post.

Sorry 'bout that. Life has been busy.

Work, work, work, more work, too many visits with doctors that result in only more visits with doctors, and more work.  Oh, and then the fun of layoffs!  I was not downsized.  Thankfully.  I think.  But now that only means more work.  Yay.

So... last Friday night the husband was running out for food, and I turned on an old episode of Lydia's Italy that was featuring some American Italian recipes.  This one was about St. Louis.  And one of the things she made was a veal parm sandwich that involved a ground veal patty, which was then breaded and fried.

Why have the need to bread it as fry it? Why not just cook it up as a burger patty??

So that is what I did.

I pretty much followed this recipe using ground veal rather than ground chicken. If veal skeeves you out or you don't like it, go for the chicken.  Oh, I did also have to stop for gluten buns for the hubby, and I decided to also get a small eggplant.  I sliced that into half inch slices and cooked those up in a pan with some oil while I mixed the veal, and flopped one of those on to the burger also.

I served them as burgers.  Would work just as well as a patty on top of pasta, or zucchini noodles if you are low-carb or too cheap for a gluten-free bun (mine was an Against the Grain bun). 

Seriously, seriously good.  Tasted just like veal parm, without all the work that goes into your usual veal parm.  And with the eggplant, it was like the hubby's old favorite of the veal + eggplant parm combo at a now closed place we used to love.

This will be repeated.  I still love some veal parm on the weekends when I have the time to do it (and all the cleanup it involves) but this was darned, darned tasty.  And easy.

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