Monday, July 20, 2009

Technical difficulties....

Technology is not my friend these past two weeks.

First, it was the Tivo. We did end up juts buying another Tivo (not the HD one) and I plan to rip open the old Tivo box to see if I can salvage the hard drive. We'll see.

And then last week, the CPU fan in my laptop died. Figured I'd take the easy/expensive route and called Geek Squad to make sure that they could do the repair. I was assured, over the phone, that I just needed to go in, then they could order the part and I could bring the laptop back when it was in, and they could replace it. When I stopped at the Geek Squad desk at the local Best Buy, I was told that no, they couldn't do it that way. It was going to cost twice what they told me over the phone and they had to send it out for service because my laptop is an older model (seriously??? You only stock parts to repair new things???) and that it might take a week or longer. A week or longer with my laptop out of my hands? No thank you.

And I found out how pitiful my dekstop PC is... it takes like 10 minutes for the Yahoo news page to load. Yeah... as soon as the job situation improves, I need to address that.

Been trying to use the hubby's desktop PC for some stuff.... and then he (NOT ME - IT WAS NOT MY WEB SURFING THAT DID IT) went and got his PC infected with something. And that usually takes a day to fix. Yay.

But hopefully happier times are on the horizon... got a replacement fan and I should be taking the laptop to get it fixed hopefully today or tomorrow. Then I can can rejoin the digital world again. Ahhhhh.

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