Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Proof that I actually cooked today....

I know it's July because I had to break out the Absorbine Jr. for the first mosquito bite of the year, but I'm more than happy with the 60-ish degree temps of the past few days because it's a nice chance to open all the windows and spend the day running the oven.

During the course of the day, I did also make some pizza dough for Grilled Pepper, Onion and Sausage Calzones for dinnertime. I also made some tomato confit and prepped the filling for the calzones (I actually just threw everything under the broiler rather than grilled the filling stuff). And while I was doing that, I managed to always have my hands burried in something before remembering "well crap, I should probably be taking a picture". I must be out of practice.

But the final calzones did look good...

Ok, there were some ery brown spots where the dough was kinda thin. Oopsie. But the dough was good, the filling was really good. Oh, and I used regular pork sausage. I know the hubby, he'd have sniffed out turkey sausage in a second and not eaten them. With the pork sausage, the hubby ate two calzones for dinner.

One thing I like about this recipe... deals with making the dough ahead of time, so you could make it in the morning and then just stash it in the fridge until you get home after work.

One thing I did NOT like about this recipe.... when you look, it makes 4 calzones, but they say that makes 8 servings. Now, I do understand that our country has some serious issues when it comes to portion sizes, but half a calzone was NOT enough.

In the afternoon today, I went out to grab some thyme for the tomato confit I wasa doing, and I ran into this nice little creature on my tomato plants....

If that looks a little like a Where's Waldo... dead center, a big ol' bug, black body and half clear/black wings.

The odd thing was, I went out to water my plants after dinner, and the bug was still there. And this time I didn't see it until I had my face inches from it while I admired all the lovely green tomatoes on my plants. Thankfully, I spared the neighborhood the "eeeeeeek!" that went through my head and just slowly backed away.

I sure hope it's moved by tomorrow.


CarolynA said...

Looks like a dragonfly. I don't know if they have "seasons", but I was surprised to see one flying across the street near my sister's place last week. Here in Chicago.

Those calzones look good!

JJ (Lady Di) said...

Yep, it's a dragonfly. You've never read "The Rescuers?" :)

I like that recipe too, and agree with the serving size. That's about the only problem I have with CL, I think to fit it into their guidelines they just make the serving size smaller. I know I could serve it with a salad or something, but really I'd rather eat a whole one instead. Course, that might be my problem in the first place. :D