Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy "Free Pizza If You Own a Camaro" Day!

So... phone rings this morning. I glance at the caller ID, and it's the husband unit's work number.

I quickly run through the mental list... I saw him grab his Blackberry this morning, so he doesn't need me to run that over to him. He still has the change of clothes (jeans and tee shirt) that I dropped off Monday when he thought he was going to have to work in the very dirty warehouse after work. What in the world is he calling for?

Apparnelty, someone at work was telling him about it when they got in to work this morning, and he thought it was a joke, but a quick web search revealed it was not a hoax.

And the hubby drove his 2002 Camaro in to work today (which he usually wouldn't do since it was raining today, but that was the car that was quickest to get out of our driveway without playing parking attendent) and by the tone of his voice, dude is really, really, really jazzed about the idea of getting a free pizza just for being a Camaro owner. He was really hoping I'd give permission for him to stop on his way home from work and get a pizza, and scrap my plans for a more healthy, well-balanced dinner. Like, five-year-old at a toy store excited about it. So of course, the plan is now to have pizza for dinner, after my proud Camaro owner of a husband stops (and I'm sure he's hoping the parking lot will be a little like a car show, with some of the folks around here that have some very very impressively preserved older Camaros that we see on the road sometimes) and picks up a free pizza.

And even though I don't like Papa John's pizza that much.... c'mon. Free pizza is free pizza. Sometimes you just don't argue.

But none it changes the fact that I liked his Firebird way better. The lines on that car were way sexier than the Camaro, IMHO.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...


This made me remember high school.

The vice principal would get on the loud speaker and announce improper parkings in the school lot.

There was always a "ca-mehr-ree-oh" illegally parked.