Monday, August 17, 2009

Mmmm... party dips....

(photo and recipe lifted from Penzey's since I forgot to take a picture of the finished product......)

I am one of those people that feels naked if I show up for a party without some dish in my hands. It's half because I am grateful to the hosts for having me, and it's nice to help and I like cooking, so it's no biggie for me. It's also half because sometimes I suspect that if I bring something... at least there will be one thing that I like to eat there at the party.

My youngest nephew's birthday party was this weekend, and I was going through the usual "what to make, what to make..." internal conversation, and the new Penzey's catalog arrived, with a recipe for a Pepperoni Pizza Dip. Much like the beloved cream cheese/cocktail sauce/shrimp or crab recipe. And I figured it'd also be good with kids... kids usually like pizza.

I categorized it as "pretty good", but pretty much everyone else was ranting and raving over the stuff. I actually made a tripple batch of it in a 9 x 12 pan, and pretty much all of it was gone by the time I left. A single batch in a pie plate would certainly work for most crowds.... you be the judge. I also left out the green pepper.... I'm not a huge green pepper fan.

Quick, easy portable, and a hit with all. This one is a keeper.

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Hurricane Mikey said...

Haven't tried this one....yet. But it looks like a keeper!