Monday, August 24, 2009

Home "Improvement"

Sigh. I should really know better by now, shouldn't I?

The hubsy was supposed to take last Friday off, and he was going to tackle some small projects that have been piling up around the house for the past couple of months. Work got busy last week, so he went in on Friday. I spent Saturday cleaning (and had to deal with a cranky spouse after I started vacuuming while he was trying to nap - I was not aware he was trying to sleep) and Sunday it was off to the grocery store, and hubby was going to tackle the leak we have with our air conditioner drainy-thing (which has been a problem for two months), put in the new toilet paper holder upstairs (waiting for this for at least 6 months) and fix the shower curtain rod upstairs (also, about 6 months waiting).

I was at the store and got a call to buy a good scrub brush.... apparently while waiting for the air conditioner leak-thing to solve itself, mold decided to invite itself to the party and there was some clean up to be done. About 20 minutes later, I get the call to buy a new curtain rod, since the one we had screwed into the walls, and apparently the wall decided to give and the whole rod came undone. Sigh.

Got home from the stores (with the unexpected trip to Target, but at least the tension rods for shower curtains have gotten better, got a nice brushed nickle one) and the leaky-thing was fixed, but the hubby was grumpily repairing walls and just being overall huffy.

I don't know why I ever expect this stuff to go smoothly. It never does.

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