Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ode to Zicam......

So, at work on Monday, we were notified that they're doing flu vaccines in one of the office buildings in our office park next Monday.

After the pox that spread thru the office last year, I am ALL about getting a flu shot this year. Even though the strain that hit everyone last year wasn't one that the shot protected, everyone I talked to who had the shot had a MUCH milder case.

Also made a mental note to load up on Zicam to be prepared. Didn't realize I'd need it so quickly.

Started feeling it yesterday, and started popping the Zicam dissolve-y tablets. Stopped at Target and bought some of their store brand ones on my way home from work (and I think they dissolve better AND taste less worse). Continued with them today.

I knew it was a cold when I was cleaning the kitchen last night. When I get a cold my mind gets a little whacky and I'm just off. For example, last night....

Me: Honey, um, why did you put the salad dressing into the sink?
Hubby: Huh? I didn't even put the top back on it, much less put it in the sink.
Me: Then how did it get there?

Stopped to look around, and apparently in cleaning up, I put the top back on and for some unknown reason, placed it gently in the empty half of the sink.

Didn't do proper cooking tonight (I had canned soup, hubby Spaghett-Os) but we have the oldest nephew's birthday party this weekend, and I'm making some mini baked potato skins. I managed to oven-bake bacon, chop scallions and dice a tomato and keep all 10 fingers in tact. Went to put my prep work away and missed the shelf, and the crumbled bacon fell to the floor, the top came off, and about 3/4 of my bacon was on the floor. Grumble.

Not a lot of congestion or discomfort with this cold, but yeah, it's still a cold. Zicam is good, but it ain't perfect.

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