Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The best laid plans......

I still believe in the power of Zicam, but I think I still have the lingering cold that has pretty much everyone in the office hacking right now.

On Sunday night, I wanted to blog about my cooking on Sunday, but I was tired.

On Monday night, I wanted to blog about my cooking on Sunday and Monday, but I was tired. And I had to spend my evening trying to get the AntiVirusXP trojan off my computer (I first thought hubby put infected files on the new external drive we got, but I no longer think that is the case. If you read this on the sly, hubby, my apologies for being a collasal bitch on Monday night, but I just needed my PC to be working for five minutes to do some work around midnight, and I hope that you realize the bitch-level went waaaay down about midnight when I finally got to that point).

On Tuesday night, I spent my evening double-scanning everything on our network to make sure ALL the nasties were gone. That involved much running between floors as I did my laptop, and my & the hubby's desktops upstairs.

So anyway... on to the food!!

Sunday... Emeril's Turkey Roulade. Saw this in Everyday Food this month and 'tis the season for it. I had to hit four stores before I was even able to find a bone-on turkey breast. I totally hacked it up trying to get it off the bone, but Thanks Bacon! the end result was still purty. About to go into the oven......

I'm telling ya, you have NO idea how hacked up the turkey is, I'm still not sure how I managed to get that mangled piece of flesh into a pretty consistient roll, but I did.

And out of the oven, with the extra stuffing I made....

Wooo... let's have a peek, shall we??

Blurry, but I was still impressed that the stuffing stayed in place and that it wasn't pink in the middle. Go me!

I liked it a lot, and as much as the hubby said it smelled great while it was cooking, he wasn't as big of a fan (which might be do to the fact I forgot to season the turkey. Ooops). But it really wasn't too hard to do, and if I was doing my own Thanksgiving, I might make it for that.

Monday night was what I call Polish Soul Food night. Hubby is largely Polish, I am not one percent Polish (that we know... my dad's nationalities have never been clearly outlined but I think that European aspect is more Russian). But I love Polish food. Always have. Did my basic polish sausage/cabbage skillet....

That's hunks of Usinger's polish sausage, with sliced cabbage and onions. I also throw in some water and a couple of tablespoons of dijon mustard (seems to cut down on the "cabbage stink" IMHO) and cook that with the lid on, then throw in your sausage to warm it through. And on the side......


pierogi, to be exact. One great thing about a large Polish population in the area is there is some good Polish food to be had, even in the freezer case. Those are potato and cheese (and I always forget that with polish pierogie, "cheese" means farmer's cheese, not cheddar. Still darned good anyway). I thaw them in the fridge and threw them in a medium hot skillet with a little butter and cook until they're the desired degree of brown. A couple of them always get eaten, steaming hot, while I'm prepping the rest of dinner. Gotta love the "cook's treats".

Last night's meal and tonight's meal were not worth mentioning. Good, yes, but Taco Pasta Skillet and Chicken Breats with Lemon/Caper Sauce are not inspiring me with the energy I'd need to be witty about them.

In other news... Harrah's is KILLING me with the Vegas "free night" offers. Dude... like... anywhere but Caesar's, two free nights any time before the end of the year??? I wish airfares weren't so high. I actually toyed with the idea of a Vegas quickie for the hubby's upcoming birthday, but airfares were just so out there already. Ugh.

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Marilyn said...

That turkey looks so good that I wanted to reach into the computer screen and grab a bite. Hope you are feeling better.