Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stupid People of October 8, 2008

Yes, thanks to the internets, it's very easy to find a daily dose of stories about stupid people. But I was hit one right after another today.

Usually, when the hubby and I hear Stupid People Stories, we turn to the other and ask "So, what are you going to change your name to when we move to Canada again?"

The two stories that caught my attention weren't as fun as the weekly story you now seem to get about a bank robber who left his ID or wallet or GPS device that tracked a tracker he had on him or whatever. The stories today really just hit the veins of things that don't make me entirely happy about all my fellow countrymen (and women).

Story 1.....

The summary, bunch of rich high school kids rent a party bus for homecoming weekend, and then despite knowing it was against the rules (since - DUH - it's against the freakin' law) they try to drink alcohol on the bus, THEN try to bribe the limo driver to not call the cops, which he did. And now some of the parents are all upset about it saying that the limo driver went too far. I'm sorry... the guy saw them commiting a crime, and reported them for it.

Underage drinking... been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Heck, when I went off to college, one of my dad's friends actually owned a White Hen about two blocks from campus, and when my folks dropped me off, my dad brought me over there, introduced me to his friend, and it was pretty well understood I had a free pass to buy liquor, smuggle it back to my dorm room and try to imbibe without causing suspicion. But I knew then, had I been caught, it was MY fault. I would never had expected to be able to just start drinking in front of legal adults, of heck, ANYONE, and have some "safe haven" idea applied that they should look the other way if they did not agree or even had a business policy against it.

And besides.... you then miss out on all the valuable lessons on how to smuggle booze in a Snapple bottle or McDonald's cup. Valuable life lessons.

Story 2....

At least, reading online, the judge dismissed the suit. The failed to mention that detail when the news radio station I was listening to on the way home covered this story.

The summary.... woman claims the box of hair dye that she bought that was supposed to be blonde was really brown and it ruined her social life and she's distraught about not being able to return to... I shit you not.... "her natural blonde hue."

Are you shittin' me? Someone was so sue-happy they thought they could make this fly, and they were able to convince someone else who has supposedly studied the law that this might work???

Problem 1.... when you're mixing the hair dye, you can tell the difference between brown and blonde dye. If you're too stupid to pay attention to colors, should you care what color your hair is?

Problem 2..... it's hair dye. Stylists across the country deal with hair color problems on a day-to-day basis and if you walk into just about any salon, you'll be able to find someone who will be able to help you get back to something close to your natural color. Or just buy a brown eyebrow pencil and have some fun until your roots grow out, then invest in some big earrings and get a pixie cut and go with it. It's just hair. It'll grow back.

Problem 3.... she "missed the attention that blondes receive". Hey lady.... get a red wig. You think guys go ga-ga over blondes? Wait until you try out the red. I love my own blonde hair, but I also love my several red wigs for this reason.

So... what is everyone else going to change their name to in Canada? I'm becoming partial to Gabriella Von Snickersnack....

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Marilyn said...

Almost as good as the Darwin Awards.