Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Veal Stock-Off

So.... I really wanted to know if there was a difference between the veal stock from the French Laundry Cookbook and Michael Ruhlman's veal stock.

Sorry, FLC. Ruhlman's will likely be my veal stock from here out.

I like the French Laundry stock. It was great flavor, and for my tastes maybe a smidge better, but in the end, I am a lazy person and Ruhlman's was easier.

Sue me.

I roasted a chicken tonight so I have some lovely chicken bones that will get dumped into a crock pot to make chicken stock (again.... LAZY) and I'll also do some caramelized onions in the crockpot, and that will all be combined to make some french onion soup. Mmmmmm.

Busy weekend in Casa de Hausfrau. Party on Satuday (we stopped for food at Steak and Shake after the party) and brunch this morning with the in-laws for father-in-law's birthday. The economy must be in the crapper (or Cubs fans were just not fit to travel outside their homes after a night of over-indulgence to dull the pain) because the place was EMPTY. But the food was great. Crawfish etoufee over scrambled eggs is a yummy thing.

Came home, then I headed out again to try and match the friggin' tile upstairs. I may have found something close, but they won't have the sample for me until tomorrow so I can put it next to our tile to see. I think we decided (after an argument with me insisting that we are NOT going to throw down horribly mismatched tile "becayse the vanity will cover it" - we would at least need to do something like some border tiles and then maybe do some smaller tiles or whatever) before the hubby finally stated that rather than do that, he'd just re-do the whole floor. I can deal with that also. He doesn't believe me that laying tile is NOT that hard. My dad knew some tile guys while we were growing up, and calculate in re-doing bathrooms and then re-redoing them AGAIN after floods... I've seen it done a lot. And I watched. And I asked questions.

Hopefully the work week should be quiet. Thought we were going to have to deal with a software release tomorrow that was going to be a big deal, but it looks like it shouldn't be too bad. Wooo.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

I preferred Ruhlman's veal stock too.
I like roasting the bones. Plus, with the FL stock, I hated throwing away that first liquid, even if it was full of blood proteins and impurities. And Ticky also did a taste test and declared Ruhlman's to be "velvety."

MrsVJW said...

The bones were definitely more broken down by the end of the Ruhlman stock. At the end of the FL stock, I was really thinking I could get another couple of hours or even another second stock outta those boys.