Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And the blog goes on......

Sorry that the last week was radio silence around here... was busy helping with MamaFrau and crawling into a nice little dark hole for a week. It happens.

And this week has already seen the fun of a totally crippling migraine yesterday (in which I discovered that no room of this house - even the basement - gets dark enough for my migraine tastes on a sunny June day) that has at least dulled to a bad headache today. I'll take it.

Add to that a very cranky and overworked hubby, and I haven't had the energy to do much. It happens. But hopefully now that life is resuming a more normal pace/schedule, I should be better.

For now... random observations I've had over the past week.....

When they go out to buy new furniture/paintings/lamps for a doctor's waiting room, do they actually purposefully buy something that doesn't totally go with the rest of the decor?

Saw a woman at a grocery store one morning, and I swear, if she's not known as "Chesty Melons" or something, I'd be surprised. Not that I have anything wrong with adult entertainment... but dude, ya don't need to advertise at the produce mart on a Tuesday morning.

When did I cross the line with the dude who sells me cigarettes that it was OK for him to start asking me about "how to go into a Victoria's Secret store to buy some nice things to take to his bride-to-be in India later in the summer"?? Because he's asked me. Twice.

I've come to peace with the fact that everyone else in the world will look at me with two heads when I admit that I think the whole "Twilight" books series was horrible. I could also just learn to shut my mouth when people start talking about the books, but that would be too easy.

I didn't think I'd take to it... but I am sooooo addicted to books in PDF format on my Palm. I have embraced the Ebook and given it some very sloppy kisses. Me love Ebook.

The End


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Sincerely hope the migraines subside.

Please, what are your comments on that Kindle thingie?

MrsVJW said...

I don't quite see the point in the Kindle since I'm already a huge Palm fan. I'd much rather just deal with transferring PDF files over to my Palm to read them, rather than have one Uber Device. I wish they'd have developed more of a software platform solution rather than a software & hardware platform, in geeky terms. It'd be an easy sell as a software program to manage Ebooks without being tied to a specific device.

CarolynA said...

I agree about both ebooks and the specialized devices. I've been using my IPAQ for years. It lets me have my calendar, phonebook and ebooks all in one place. Wouldn't it be nice if ebooks evolved the way music has? But given the popularity of the Kindle (and its proprietary features), I suspect that isn't likely in the near term.