Monday, December 3, 2007

Hamburger Helper

Now, I consider myself a foodie... but there are some things you don't argue with.

Mac & Cheese from a box.

Pulling a slice of cold cheese out of its plastic wrapper.

A frozen-dinner salisbury steak.

And Hamburger Helper.

Yes folks, the thing that is largely responsible for the whole "convenience foods" movement. A box, with a sauce packet and noodles, add your own ground beef.

(But those ones now that contain a can of the meat of choice? Evil.)

Tonight's dinner was Hamburger Helper. And I do not feel guilty about it. There is something comforting about it... being able to whip dinner together in 20 minutes without any thought.

And I was dead tired tonight. A whole days worth of new information in my head (New Job went well, and had to do some Old Job contract work tonight). Not time to tackle a new recipe. Or anything complicated.

The totally-not-a-foodie husband was excited. And he wanted to see the empty box to prove I indeed made Hamburger Helper and didn't do one of my "skillet" dinners that is the same concept - meat plus stuff for a sauce and pasta and cook it all together. He's odd like that.

Was it tasty? Of course it was. It's one of those things... it's like the McDonalds of home cooking... tastes the same now, in your house as it does in someone elses, the same it tasted 20 years ago when Mom pulled it out one night.

I'm not saying it should be an every day thing. But is it bad, every once in awhile??


Hurricane Mikey said...

Nothing wrong with dinner from a box on occasion.

I think I'm sort of a 'foodie' too, but I'm not above hot dogs and chips for dinner, or Hamburger Helper.

Hell, 99% of the time that I make fettuccine Alfredo, it's from a box.

Marilyn said...

As long as you don't try to claim 100% of the credit, I think you're okay.