Thursday, December 20, 2007

I don't need this... my man has two jobs.....

I don't know if it's regular job + contracting a couple hours a night, or just the overwhelming-ness of a new job, or the holiday season, but something is just kickin' my ass lately. I just have no energy to do anything.


I won't even go in to cooking efforts this week. Sub-par at best.

Got Christmas cooking looming. More ugh. Xmas Eve brunch is french toast casserole, a salmon cheesecake if I can find a recipe I like. Xmas eve cooking is just going to be some mini bagel dogs as an app and maybe some green beans almondine. Also have one more batch of cookies to make, but that should be easy.

Still have to do the shopping list. Ugh. And the shopping. Triple Ugh.

Maybe it's the lack of decent holiday programming on TV this year (how did I miss the Charlie Brown Xmas special?? Did they run it the week after Turkey Day????). Hopefully my bah-humbug will go away. Soon.

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