Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh Xmas Tree, oh Xmas Tree..... damn you, Spock!

So, I figured I let sloth rule over Xmas for long enough.

This weekend was the holiday party over at my brother in laws, and after seeing how decked out their house was (and apparently has been since the day after Thanksgiving) my guilt got to me, and it's time to get the tree up.

The party was fun, the appetizers I brought were good, much champagne and beer was drunk, and it was fun. The drunken "exposure" incidents have dropped greatly in number over the past few years, but still, the hubby's side of the family (all the "kids" who are now married and in their 30s) still give waaaaaay TMI when they get some booze in to them. These people are technically family, and I just don't need that level of detail, thankyouverymuch.

I started by getting up some of my window decor. And then knocked down the old retro globe floorlamp that was my grandmothers (didn't break it, thank god) and had to clear up all the decorative stone that fell outta the bottom. Sigh.

Pulled up all the Christmas tree stuff from downstairs. Started to assemble to three at about 1:30pm. It is now 7:30pm, and it is still not working correctly. I thought pre-lit trees were supposed to be easier?? We bought this one last year, and it was not this complicated.

Part of it was my own fault, I apparently forgot I pulled out a couple lights to plug in my old Star Trek ornaments. Those fixed some problems.

But there is still what is one string of lights that is unhappy. When you plug it directly in to power and no thru the "string" of lights on the tree, it works. When you plug another string of lights in to the same plug, THAT works. It's a Christmas mystery. I suspect there is a single light that is out, and color me pissed about that. I've already gone thru and tested some of the "out" lights with no success, looks like I need a more organized plan.

Sigh. Stupid tree.

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