Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Evening in the Case de Hausfrau

Hubby's boss is out this week, so he's been working late to help pick up the slack.

The dinner plan tonight was Avocado Stuffed with Crabmeat Salad. Figured a nice dish for a hot day, and I already had crab in the fridge and a bunch of peppers to use up.

Got home, got right down to chopping the peppers & onions and getting them on the stove. I actually had intended to do that step yesterday, but honestly, I was just having a lazy evening. And I was totally stressing while waiting for the Top Chef finale. I'm not one to get that into reality television programming, but every season the finale of that show, I'm on edge. At least I was happy with the results this year.


Got the pepper mixture cooked, threw it in the food processor, and was just mixing it with some store-bought reduced fat mayo when around 6:30....

Ring ring.

Hello? Oh, hi babe. Are you STILL at the office? Well, I was just throwing together stuff for some crabmeat/avocado salad.... How late are you gonna be? Yeah, I'll just go out and pick up dinner for me, you grab something on the way home.


At least I hadn't yet busted open any of the avocados or the crab meat. So, the sauce I had mixed just went in to the fridge, and I was off to find dinner.

The sauce was tasty though. Two thumbs up!

Thought about hitting a BBQ place I want to try, but it's not exactly close (close to work, kinda further than I wanted to travel from home). So, I ended up just going to Cosi, and despite swearing as I walked thru the door that I'd play it healthy, I ended up getting a flatbread pizza. Hey, how many other chances am I ever gonna have to go there for dinner when they have them? Came home, plopped myself on the couch, and ate half of it right out of the takeout box. Glamorous. CLASSY.

After that, cleaned up the kitchen, checked out the wood color samples I got from They have a 2-inch wood blind that matches pretty much perfectly to our front door, but I am hoping that when my 1-inch samples come in the next couple days, there is also a decent match. We'll see.

Hubby got home after 8 carrying a McD's bag and went upstairs, all grumbly. But, apparently on wrestling "they're bringing in Dragongate guys" which made him a much happier camper.

Don't know what I'll do with the crabmeat or the sauce at this point in time. I stick to my "no cooking on Friday" rule, more so I can actually have one day a week where I nap when I get home from work, so I won't use it tomorrow. The sauce ain't gonna go bad, but my avocados may. Oh well.

Oh, and I was more than slightly insulted today. In the mail, there was an envelope from my work that turned out to be an invite to the company picnic. But it was addressed to "Mr & Mrs. Husband's Full Name." Um, dude? I know I filled out all that information when I started so they know his name, but I am a very modern gal and at my own work, I like to be known as myself. Not Mrs. anything, thankyouverymuch. I know, I know, it's the proper way to address an invite, but since when do workplaces care that much?

And, the invite mentioned, among the many "fun"activities available at the picnic... CLOWNS. Wow. I was thinking about going, but no way now. I despise clowns. It's not a fear of clowns... it's more just a general thought that they are downright creepy (maybe this is what happens when you were raised a couple neighborhoods over from site of the John Wayne Gacy house with parents who were right around the ages of the victims). I even tried doing some "clown outreach" thing in high school where we had to dress up as clowns and go to kid's classrooms and after one meeting and one outing, I was only further creeped out by clowns and the people behind the masks and just everything about it. Shudder.

Oh, and tomorrow is "Employee Appreciation" night at my work. Casino night. Yep, just like The Office episode. I declined my invite... a night at home watching Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica seems like it will be a lot more fun, and some fake casino fun is NOT going to help the deep jones I have right now to get back to Vegas. And on the chance they'd have a fake "Let It Ride" table set up, I might have a hard time explaining my uncontrollable laughter.

Also, since it is being held at the big boss's country club, there is a dress code. I like the hubby's way of putting it.... "Wait a minute. So I'd have to come home in my casual Friday clothes, and then change in to something like 'rest of the week workclothes' to go hang out with people from work? No 'effin way."

Yeah. I'm really not much of a "joiner". I suppose at the age of 29 + 3, I shouldn't expect that to change anytime soon.

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