Sunday, June 1, 2008

I think we're gonna need a bigger bowl......

Mmmm. Filling for spring rolls.

I hate it when the biggest bowl you have ends up being too small for something. Such was the case yesterday when I was making a version of rice paper rolls to take to a party. That big bowl had shitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, grated daikon radish, and grated carrot. That and some shrimp went in to moistened sheets of rice paper. Packed them, spaced apart so the rice paper wasn't touching because it tends to stick, between sheets of moistened paper towel and brought them to the party. Very much a hit, and very nice since yesterday really seemed like the first hot, steamy day we've had in the area.

I was having a Bad Makeup Day yesterday... one of those days where you spend more time fixing mistakes than you spend putting the actual makeup on. I think Homer Simpson's "makeup shotgun" would have worked better than my own hands.

And then, I forgot to take off my eye makeup before going to bed, and had the return of the mysterious puffy eyelid that I had about two weeks ago. And this time, it wasn't just one eyelid, it was both the upper and lower eyelid on both eyes. GREAT.

So, I decided to keep my mutant self away from the inside world today. Loaded up on Benedryl and then of course spent half the day passed out cold because of the meds. Chinese food for dinner, and it wil also be my lunch tomorrow.

Might head to the grocery store tomorrow night to pick up a few things, and then come home and whip up a quick dinner (right now, thinking the usual steak for him/fish for me with some steamed veg and baked potatoes).

But right now, looking very much forward to the season premier episode of The Venture Brothers tonight (even though we watched the online premier of it on Friday night) and not looking forward to being back at work tomorrow.



That Word Guy said...

Well, since you're just using the bowl for mixing and not serving in it, you could use your crockpot liner or a roaster or whatever large vessel you have. Not the best shapes for mixing, but how often do you make spring rolls for an army?

Always finding a way to spare space in the kitchen...

MrsVJW said...

Good ideas... but that bowl is actually bigger than my crockpot, and I don't have a roaster.

Maybe this just means I need to go out and buy a roaster.....