Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why do you turn my kitchen in to a house of lies??


I usually trust Ming Tsai. On his PBS show, East Meets West, everything always looks so good, and he makes it look so easy. Over the weekend, I saw the episode where he makes Grilled Scallop Yakitori, and it looked tasty and a nice, easy, weeknight dinner.


I suffered The Top Chef Curse of Spike and got some totally waterlogged scallops. I still tried, and as soon as I got a skewer done, I picked up the skewer and the scallops fell off, now disected.

Le sigh.

It all just went downhill from there, the sauce was just bad (the lemon seemed all wrong) and I tried to quickly throw together a stir fry/ramen noodle thing, but my noodles got all gloopy and gross and it was awful and we ended up eating McD's cheeseburgers for dinner. It happens. Right now the feral cats outside are having some kind of Cat Standoff to see who gets to eat the scallops I threw out there.

Was busy at work today... coworker in Japan (for vacation) for a week and a half. Which means, of course, there is an emergency project that they think they need done by next Friday and they don't know exactly what they want yet. I hope (fingerscrossedfingerscrossed) that we already kinda have what they want, or can at least not put ALL the information they think they need in a printed guide. I cannot tell ya'll how sick I am of always having to update the same information in at least three different places. No way am I looking to add a fourth.

Totally odd event this morning... was watching the local news, and they had a field reporter who had a voice that sounded really familiar. She was standing out in a flooded area so it was hard to get a clear face view. Then they said the name Lourdes. Holy crap, I think it's one of the gals who lived in the room next to mine freshman year, who we shared a bathroom with? Holy crap, it is!! Color me surprised! (And yes, she's always been that drop-dead good looking. One of the reasons I suspected it was her was the same fantastic facial structure I remember) Very glad for her. I know that is the direction she was headed in when we graduated, glad to see it happening for her.

Stopped at the big mega mart grocery store on my way home, and I might be becoming a convert to the few Dominicks stores that are left (which likely means they won't be around for long). At the farmer's market near my old job last year, I bought some blue cheese from one of the vendors. It was packed in a factory-sealed vacuum package, so I figured it'd be good for awhile. And then I totally forgot about it in the bottom of my meat/cheese drawer. Ooops. No idea if it is still good (it doesn't look green or furry) but I need some blue cheese for a recipe this weekend. I also needed to get some cash since I'm (hopefully, unless the ambiguous project hits) going out for sushi with some coworkers tomorrow, and I know the one produce/ethnic market right by the house doesn't let you get cash back if you use your debit card. So I stopped... and was shocked to find the same maker of cheese as the farmer's market stuff was for sale at the grocer! Sweet! And it was actually quite a bit cheaper than a lot of the other cheeses. Fingers crossed that it's actually good.

But, right now, kicking back enjoying a Miller "Chill"... their chelada style beer. Pretty good, actually. Still don't know if I'm brave enough to try the Budweiser/Clamato one.

And next time, on As The Hausfrau Turns.... what does one do with 20 avocados??


Rosie Hawthorne said...

When buying scallops, be sure they are "dry" scallops. As in not being injected with steroid-like crap that they do to plump them up, add weight onto them, and increase the shelf life. The chemical is called sodium tripolyphosphate. You can't sear a scallop with this crap in it. It seeps out milky water. And it has a peculiar taste to it. Just bad.

Hurricane Mikey said...

If I had 20 avocados, I'd get me some lime juice, onions, jalapeƱos, a few spices, some Tostitos, and a large bowl.

MrsVJW said...

Mikey - you actually need two large bowls. Trust me!

Rosie - I really need to bite the bullet and go to a proper fish monger... that's the only way you could find "dry" scallops around here. But I'm so damned cheap I find that hard to do!