Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mexican Cheetos

(I promise, the tale of the avocados will appear tomorrow... I don't have the energy to be creative right now...)

Mexican Cheetos.

And I do know how to set times on electronic devices, it really was noon when I snapped these shots. I was just so excited when I got home from the grocery store.

If you watch the TV Show "30 Rock" you'll understand why I nearly entered a fit of uncontrollable laughter when I saw these at the local produce/ethnic mart.

If you don't watch the show... a running gag in the past season was the main character's addiction to some Mexican, off-brand Cheetos and it led to a false positive pregnancy test in the finale, due to the use of some male bull byproduct being used in the Mexican Cheetos.

I, myself, suffer from a Cheetos addiction problem. In a time of stress at work, I can usually be found in front of the vending machine, plunking in some coins for my sticks of neon orange happiness. I was overjoyed/worried to find out at the new workplace, the vending machine sometimes has jalapeno flavored actual Cheetos. Those are GOOD.

I love it when the grocery store gives me a giggle. Even when it means I gotta spend two bucks on a product I'm really afraid to eat. Thanks, Tina Fey.

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