Sunday, June 15, 2008

Is it Monday yet?

Actually, by the time I'm done typing this... it might be.

Left work early on Friday, very happy for some extra time. I scrapped my plans to go to Ikea since traffic seemed like it was a mess, and opted to go for an all-exciting oil change instead. Oh, the life I lead!

Came home, and found a wonderful letter stating "thank you for completely paying off your college loan" for one of my loans. Of course, not the big one, but exciting none the less. I was happy... even though it was Friday the 13th, it was looking to be a pretty good day!

Of course, it all went to shit then.

Hopped online to check in on what was up with my peeps, and stumbled right upon the real-time frantic situation of some friends trying to find out if the news of a death of one of their friends (I met the guy only once, but I was a fan of his band). Sadly, it was not a Friday the 13th joke, and he had indeed passed away. Friends are kinda (expectedly) a mess right now. And yes, he might have been someone who could have made some better lifestyle choices, but he was a genuinely good guy, and our world is a little worse off not having him in it.

So yeah, despite some great geeky TV between Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica and the new Venture Brothers streaming over the webfeed, but the night was still kinda a downer.

Saturday, running hausfrau-ish errands to replace some kitchen stuff and pick up some aprons, I ran to Ikea. On the way there, noticed a club from my more wild days (that has been closed for ages, but still) was torn down and replaced by a discount grocery store. Wow, that brought me down.

Today wasn't too bad... went over to the parent in-laws and played around with the kids, the brother in-law made some chili and brought it over, I brought over some guac. But, still... it's yet another Father's Day without my dad. And it still stings a little. And the firth Father's Day of the man's cousins and aunt without their dad/hubby. And I know how bad that sucks.

Got home, and it appears one of the files for my login for the computer got currupted, and I spent awhile fixing that problem. Luckily, no data was lost and as far as Windows problems go it wasn't too hard to fix, but still a pain in the ass.

Kinda looking back to getting back to work, back to the mundane.

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Scarehaircare said...

This was my first Father's Day without my daddy around. We couldn't Skype him (I think the internet in their part of the Congo must be down. Again.)

Its not the permanent loss that you had but in a small way, I knew how you felt.

We seriously need a good, stress-free, non-eventful week. I guess it won't be this coming one, either.