Sunday, November 2, 2008

Crab legs

One of the things they usually have at the POG (plain ole grocery store) in my land-locked area is snow crab legs. Sometimes, they have them on sale. I am happy those sometimes.

I bought a couple pounds today while doing my shopping. They're usually still frozen, which is fine. Thousands of miles from crab countyr + frozen = crab will still be "fresh" when you defrost it.

I just put them in the fridge wile I carried on with the day (which also involved going to the produce mart, Home Depot and Sams Club). When it was time to start dinner, I threw a couple of potatoes in the oven, melted some butter, and added some garlic confit to the butter. And added more garlic because it wasn't garlicky enough. And ended up with a mixture of about half garlic and half butter, which is probably better for my waistline, anyway.

Made some salads, threw the crab legs in a dish with some damp paper towels, covered with some cling wrap, and nuked it for five minutes while we ate out salads. Oh, I also roasted some asparagus, too. Gotta have your veggies, kids.

We sat at our coffee table (our kitchen table is pretty much used to hold mail - sad but true) and worked on cracking crab legs and enjoying dinner while watching the Simpson's Treehouse of Horror (which was brilliant, by the way).

A nice, easy night. Very little thought involved, just bringing things up to temperature. I think I only spent about 20 minutes working in the kitchen. My kinda easy night.

I think our bathroom is just about as done as it's gonna get. Yesterday, we headed to return the mirrored door, and then went to Home Depot where we found a louvered (which we both hate, BUT) painted white door and decided that not having to paint won over louvered, so we bought it. Hubby hung it, but the handle it came with was crap, so I went and bought a new one today. Hubby spent the morning cursing the former homeowner and the crap caulk job on the tub (seriously... this guy worked for a home building company - one of our neighbors did tell us that - but he must have been an accountant or something non-handy because everything he did to this house was done wrong and badly) and de-mildewing the area that needed the caulk. Let it dry for a couple hours and he did get it caulked... we've got our fingers crossed that it'll be OK by the time we take showers tomorrow morning.

I also washed our shower curtain.... and it shrunk in the dryer. Um, go me.

But, it looks like the bathroom is mainly done. I am happy.

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