Saturday, April 18, 2009

Do I look like I'm soon to be unemployed???

I'm used to the weekend runs to the grocery store forcing me to interact with some of the worst of humanity.

As the economy has tanked, my once peaceful produce/meat market become more crowded, making me more surly.

But today, I noticed, people were actually nice.

Like, saying "oh, excuse me" and moving when they were blocking your way. Generally pleasant. Happy to help.

And then I knew I was in some odd, alternate universe when one lady I'd been passing along the way, who was pretty friendly, said "Hey, do you want a coupon for ten dollars off? It looks like you have a hundred dollars worth of stuff in your cart, and I never buy that much."

Unprecedented niceness?? What... do I have something on my forehead that says "Hello, I am becoming unemployed on May 15th"??? Or are people just acting a little less surly with the warm weekend and spring in the air?

I always forget that the market has coupons that run in some of the local papers & ad magazine. And dude... not only did this lady spread some niceness in my day, she taught me a lesson. My bill was $130 before the coupon, and after the coupon was applied and the taxes for that were deducted (thanks again, Todd H. "I'm a Tool" Stroger for making sure Cook County has some of the highest sales taxes in the nation) the final bill was actually $113.

That's a big difference. At least now, to my "soon to be unemployed" behind.

So, thank you, anonymous lady, for being nice. And making sure that before next weekend, I dig for some of my own coupons to use for the next grocery trip.

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