Monday, December 29, 2008

The bad part about breakfast for dinner....

I know our weather has been whacky, but did a tornado roll through my kitchen??

Tonight was omelette night in the house. One of more a "Denver omlette" style for the hubby, and just ham and cheese for me. Always a tasty dinner, always pleasing, and usually not this messy.

In addition to the omelettes, I steamed some potatoes and then threw them in a pan to brown, steamed some asparagus, and toasted English muffins. For the omlettes, used some of the leftover cheese (man, I need to remember where I got that peppadew cheese... that stuff was GOOD and I cannot find it anywhere), which helped to clear the fridge. Always makes me happy.

And what is that lingering smell???

About 6-7 pounds of veal bones, fresh outta the oven. I've decided that I am a fan of Michael Ruhlman's veal stock method with the roasted bones, if for no other reason than I am a lazy cook and a foil-covered sheet pan is a heckuva lot easier to clean than dealing with par-boiling bones in a big pot. Especially when I'll need the same pot to start on the stock tomorrow. But I am also a fan of doing a "second stock", so I will do that.

And crud.... I just realized that I used the last of my shrimp stock last night for our unsuccessful scampi, and I think I need it for the etoufee I was planning on making for New Year's Eve. Le crud. Looks like I'll be raiding the freezer tomorrow to look for any lingering shrimp/seafood shells.....

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