Saturday, December 20, 2008

It can't just be me.....

The whole "Do Not Call" registry was so great for awhile, but when did it all start going to bleep?

The past couple months we've been getting half a dozen calls lately where the caller ID is blocked or it's a number we don't know, and over the years I have developed a habit of giving about two seconds to hear a response before I hang up the phone, and these have all been automated calls and I usually hang up before I start screaming at the person on the line. Keeps the blood pressure down.

So.... let's see... going thru the caller ID history of the last 50 calls we've gotten...

Unknown numbers that connected me to automated systems -

Local companies calling trying to drum up business (at least identifiable on caller ID) - 1

Charity calls -
2 (and at least they stop calling them once you tell them "no, sorry")

No call registry = FAIL.

The hubby and I are grumpy people. We don't like dealing with unsolicited calls of people trying to sell us stuff or things like that. We like the no call list. It has saved us a lot of time, since we don't spend half the evening yelling at the unsolicited callers and trying to make such a stink that they actually WANT to take us off their lists.

And hubby and I also both did some work for actually companies where we cold-called people to try and get surveys done... we do have sympathy for the folks that are doing that and just trying to get through their shift. We'll happily spend five minutes on the phone with those people.

I'm just not happy with all these phone calls lately. Not cool.

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The Country Mouse said...

It's not just you. I'm getting right sick of these people myself. Maybe the downturn has made them more willing to take the risk of calling people on the registry.