Thursday, December 25, 2008

How to impress your in-laws without really trying....

... AKA, the Christmas Day spread I usually do and we invite the parental units to come by, see the tree, and just chill.

I love this wreath... sparkly and glittery and pretty.

Ok... on to the food. You will see this....

.... turn into a lovely spread. Really. All that is is some crackers, fig spread and cranberry sauce I made ahead of time, meatballs, pickled garlic, a couple types of olives. Stuff that can be bought or made ahead of time.

Yum... baked pita chips and some store-bought hummus. Just dusted the hummus with a little paparkia for color.

Pickled garlic, some oil-cured olives, a couple of cheese spreads.....

Meatballs in that "jar of chili sauce + can of jellied cranberry sauce" sauce in my little slow cooker.... just throw in, set to high, and cook until bubbly (I stirred a few times).

Salami and prosciutto and Parmesan shards and olives and fig spread on one plate, Reuben dip and cocktail rye bread on the other plate. Reuben dip is just a block of cream cheese, a couple packaged of Carl Buddig corned beef (chopped up), some drained sauerkraut, shredded swiss. I mixed it up ahead of time, and just warmed it up in the microwave before company arrived. I've made it before and it always goes over well with the in-laws.

Any my in-laws are always awed by my ability to unwrapp and place cheese on a tray....

That's some camembert, brie, blue cheese, some pepper cheese, Dubliner cheese and boursin. All purchased while they've been on sale over the past few weeks.

That Le Crueset pot on the stove.... Christmas present from my mom. She actually bought it MONTHS ago... right about the time I was going to treat myself to one (there was some drama about that... but all is good and my pot is beautiful and I have veal bones in the freezer that will likely be turned into veal stock starting tomorrow - YAY!!!).

Put out a variety of crackers and call it a day.....

Oh.... wait... put out some hot-spicy almonds, cheese straws (store-bought) and Chicken in a Biscuit crackers on the coffee table. I've been hiding those Chicken in a Biscuit crackers for like a month, because they are the hubby's favorite and they've have been gone by now if he knew they were in the house.

Everyone munched.... nice to have some different food than yesterday... nibble a little, converse with people, head back to try something different. My kinda no-fuss entertaining.

Did have the stuff on hand for a quick holiday cocktail... half champagne, half sparkling pomegranate juice... but we didn't break into those. I know I had more than enough (coughcough*a whole bottle of Riesling*coughcough) yesterday.

And when you're cleaning up, remember God's creatures big and small, with homes and homeless.....

The "rather gourmet" feral cats were ALL over the prosciutto I threw out. The may live outside but they at least keep out of my garbage (if only the squirrels were so nice). They looooove prosciutto. And it's usually only two cats... don't know if these guys have taken in another one or if family was visiting. Either way... a feast for all!

Merry Christmas!!

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