Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh my.

A "stuff" bomb appears to have gone off in my kitchen. How'd that happen?

That's what it looked like after I was done putting the groceries away - well, fridge stuff in the fridge, freezer stuff in the freezer, other stuff still waiting to go to it's proper place. And I cleaned out the fridge a bit and had a sink full of dishes. So much junk that my crappy camera could not even focus correctly. Come to think of it, neither could I. I can't work in a messy kitchen.

A messy kitchen even affects my dreams, apparently. One thing that had been on the floor for awhile was a safety pin. I had a dream on Friday night that there was someone having a wedding in the backyard area of our little section of townhomes, and the bride needed a safety pin to fix her dress and I could not find one. (Although I am not one who has the "bride" gene, at any wedding where I am close with the bride I make sure to have a gaggle of safety pins in my purse because the bride or a bridesmaid or someone WILL need one by the end of the night. Happens every time).

Ok... must clean....

Ahhh.... that's better.

A clean sink ALWAYS makes me happy. Probably because I hate doing dishes.

And the kitchen stayed clean... hubby had a hankerin' for pizza for dinner, so we ordered pizza. And it was a darned good pizza. Still not the same as our old place, but the new place is good enough for now. Perhaps when the economy picks up again, someone will open a new place in town and we can try something else, but this place works for now. I just wish they had more than pizza on their menu. Hubby got me addicted to having poppers when we get a pizza, and I miss that. Might need to start keeping a supply in the freezer for pizza nights.

The agenda for today involves more cleaning... the Big Clean before the holidays. We have the parents over on Xmas day for some nibbles and to see the tree, etc., so we not only have to clean, we have to get the place "parent clean." I just dusted off the ceiling fan blades, if that gives you any clue. Pot roast is in the crockpot for dinner tonight... it's cold outside so it's a very fitting meal. And it is just unattended cooking until dinner time, which means we can clean, clean, clean and I'll have minimal dishes to do tonight.

Tomorrow will be some cooking and prep work and probably some more last-minute cleaning, and Tuesday will be all about the prep of the food. Not doing too much... bringing over eggs and creme brulee french toast to my mom's on Xmas Eve morning, and then bringing over tiramisu and red velvet cupcakes to the in-laws on Xmas Eve night. Might also roast some brusseles sprouts and bring a rueben dip. Also want to make some buckeyes, which I might do tomorrow. Post-actual-Christmas, I need to cook some chicken breasts in the crockpot for shredded chicken for sandwiches and make a batch of brownies for the gathering we're having on Jan. 3rd for my dad's side of the family. I'm sure something will be added to that list as I talk to my mom in the upcoming days and figure out where the other holes in the menu plan are.

But enough procrastination... time to clean.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

WOW. You dusted the ceiling fan blades. Amazing.

MrsVJW said...

ROFL... what... is it impressive I only do that once a year, lol? At least it's better here than in the apartment we had where the fan was in the kitchen... that thing was constantly nasty.