Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is this thing still on?????

Apparently, at the Christmas party on Saturday, my hubby and I both decided to catch colds from someone. GREAT. He was in sorry shape on Monday night and we just had soup and sandwiches for dinner (and I think he was hungrier than he thought, he had TWO grilled ham, and cheese sandwiches and a full bowl of soup) and while I planned on showing ya'll the documented evidence of my horrid commute home last night (three miles an hour - took pics of the odometer to show it but I'm too dead to go through the complicated procedure to transfer them to the laptop right now - and several SUVs in ditches) - I'm just wiped out. I still love me some Zicam.. the head/stuffy symptoms are not here, but I'm still suffering an invader in my body.

But oh yeah.... yesterday I did actually see someone in a Lexus SUV cut across two lanes of traffic on VERY snowy roads to get into the lane where they could turn into the Starbucks. I watched. SUV went straight to the drive-thru.

And to Beepy McIdiotHeadButtFace who was behind me at the stop light at Buffalo Grove and Aptakistic road... I am sorry, but I am not willing to get into a head-on collision just so you can zoom past to get home 30 seconds quicker. You're going to have to wait untill I know it's clear before I more forward.

And as if last night's hour and fifteen minute commute home was not bad enough, it took me an hour to get into work this morning. It's one thing, after an hour in the car, to finally get home... it's another level of suck to then have to walk into work knowing you can take a leisurely 15 minute lunch if you still want to leave at 5pm.

No exicitng cooking going on.... just counting the days until the weekend right now.

Yeah, I'm grumpy. Deal with it.


Marilyn said...

Sorry to hear about your colds and the lousy commutes. Hope you can sit back and relax for a bit.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Have a glass of wine.