Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More snow

Is winter over yet??

We got another snowstorm today... and although a lot of people don't seem to get it, the height of it hit at the absolute WRONG time for rush hour. There was no way plows were going to be able to keep up with all the traffic. It was one of those drives where you just have to go with it, try to stay relaxed and just do your best to make sure you get home safely.

Or not, for some people, apparently.

Let's all cause a huge traffic jam so we can hurry to get to the "expressway" where travel times are up to four hours already! Yeah!!!

Note to self... next time, just take the road straight out of the business park and don't zig-zag your way over to the stoplight (previous picture) that you can make the left hand turn from. By the time I passed the road I should have taken, there was no long line of cars waiting to get out, no blocking traffic in the other direction, and people were kindly letting the left-hand-turners into the traffic flow.

I'd like to introduce you all to the person who made me slam on my breaks so they didn't hit my car because they didn't want to play the "just let every other car safely merge into the single lane from the two-lane setup" game.

Hello again, jerkface!! (I was actually screaming words that were a lot more nasty at this person at the time).

I did see enough that it was a young woman talking on her cellphone, who just HAD to get one car ahead of me. Which makes SOOOO much difference in getting home in traffic like this.. Come to think of it, I'm surprised she didn't cut over two lanes of traffic to make the left turn into the Starbucks. That was someone else. I do not know why, but no matter how bad the roads are, when I pass the drive-thru Starbucks there is always someone who has to cut across two lanes of traffic to get into the turn lane to pull into the Starbucks.

At least when we got back to it being a multiple-lane road, I ended up coasting right past Jerkface. Too bad I know enough that she didn't learn anything from the experience.

And the last big interesction before home.....

My 8-mile drive took and hour and half. I was actually not that upset... I was figuring it would be two hours when I left work.

Got home, jumped on the elliptical for my workout (we've got another snow storm coming later this week, oh joy of joys) and quickly whipped up some scrambled eggs and potatoes, made some bacon for the hubby and I finished off the last of the proscuitto that I bought last week. Nice a quick, and hit the spot. And best thing was that I got rid of a lot of things in the fridge, since tonight is Fridge Cleaning Night before garbage day.

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