Monday, July 28, 2008

A big pan full of summer.......

Isn't it pretty??

Made a recipe that has been makin' the rounds with my peeps. Adapted by Deb, posted lovingly by Carrie (who is such a good person, she is my friend despite my potty mouth). Cheese Ravioli with Bacon and Zucchini. Cheese ravioli + bacon + summer's bounty. That is actually a "double" batch since the hubby prefers meat ravioli, so I just started with a pound of each. Store-bought zucchini (I don't bother to grow it, even though I know you pretty much have to put a zucchini plant in a dark room and never water it to get it to not grow gangbusters for you... it's just so cheap to buy it in the summer that it ain't worth it to me), and some of the little bumper crop of cherry tomatoes I'm dealing with right now. I actually used romano in the recipe - partly because I am cheap, and partly because we're both not huge fans of massive amounts of parm.

I loved it. Add some more parm on top and a load of shredded basil and it was heaven - just tasted like summer. The hubby ate it but later admitted he'd have liked regular sauce (dude.... why didn't you just ask? I've still got half a dozen jars of Prego hiding downstairs). But, no matter... this will likely be made again when the rest of my 'maters start creeping up on me. He can have the Prego, I'll have this.

Sigh. Are those tomatoes here yet?????

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Scarehaircare said...

Actually, Deb posted and I adapted.

You forgive me my quirks and I'll ignore yours. :) Rather surprised you put up with me.

Wait for tomorrow, I am posting a tres yum French Pasta Salad I adpated from Moosewood