Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Tomato Three Way

Pardon my grammar and typing... it's been "one of those weeks" at work. I'm a little surprised at how "out of practice" I seem to be at having, ya know, a lot of actual WORK to fill up my day. But, I guess the problem has been that it doesn't just fill the day, I've been bringing it home to get a couple more non-office hours in.


Tonight's dinner featured three forms of tomato. I love summer!! At the grocery store last weekend I saw green tomatoes, so I bought those. I have been craving fried green tomatoes, but I've been unwilling to sacrifice any of my tomatoes on my plants. I'll happily overpay for grocery store green tomatoes!

I was also excited because yesterday I picked my first purple cherokee tomato. Yay! Although eating it today, it probably could have used another day or two on the vine.

So.... dinner was fried green tomatoes, and the purple cherokee and some cherry tomatoes on a salad, and Reuben sandwiches for the main. The local deli/produce mart is apparently adding homemade corned beef to their "homemade " deli selections. Wow. Was it ever good. They already do Italian roast beef and turkey and both those rock (and are half the price of the brand name stuff) and they've also recently added chicken breast. I plan to keep buying!

Not too much else happening. In for hot weather over the weekend, and I had planned on prepping/browning some meatballs this week to dump in the crockpot at some point, but when I looked at my ground beef (I usually do half ground beef, half sweet sausage) on Tuesday it was already kinda grey and scary, so I tossed it. At least it was only cheapo "ground beef" - no particular cut associated with it - so it was only a loss of a couple bucks. But, I might pull the sausage outta the freezer tomorrow and make an early trip to the store on Saturday to still do it this weekend.

Other than that.... just looking forward to the weekend and not having to deal with formatting a 280 page file or 20000 lines of HTML code. Like I said, it's been a fun week.... NOT.

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