Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bye-bye, weekend......

I hate this moment, when you know the weekend is over and you have to go to work the next day.


Dinner tonight was a steak for the hubby, some fish for me. Fish was looking/tasting good until I added capers to the sauce. I bought these capers a couple weeks back at the farmer's market. Waaaay too salty for my tastes. I had them soaking in water earlier today, trying to get some of the salt out, but bleh. They just ruined it. Live and learn. And must stop at Trader Joe's to get some of their capers. I have much love for their capers.

Did some steamed potatoes as a side... chopped yukon golds, rinse them, thwap into a steamer bag and nuke. I love those steamer bags... although "carbon footprint guilt" has got me using a proper plastic microwave steamer for my veggies most nights. When they came out of the microwave, tossed them with some butter and parsley. Yum.

Got my meals planned for the week... a new dish for me tomorrow - ravioli with chopped cherry tomatoes, zucchini and bacon (which comes highly recommended, but I already suspect the hubby with not like it). Also going to do a pork stir-fry this week, possible "chicken something or other" and some reubens (they had homemade corned beef on sale at the produce/deli mart today, I couldn't resist).

Been dabbling with playing around at learning some basic blackjack lately. I'd like to get brave enough to pony up to a table next time we're in Vegas. I'm usually a "machine only" person.... I just have very litter tolerance for other people's stupidity. Me + on vacation + idiot at table.... I just see that turning into a scene where I end up going off on someone and casino security becoming involved. On our first two trips to Vegas (Luxor and the Monte Carlo) I was able to walk up to the video blackjack machines they had and use them as my own personal cash machines. That was nice. But I have a couple of games loaded on to my Palm that I usually play at lunch... and is my luck just BAD. Even on the one that prompts me when I make a "bad" play.... it's not even a "breaking even" thing, I'd be happy with that.... I just suck. I started out with $500 and I'm already $500 in the hole. This cannot bode well.

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