Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The grocery store you hate....

There is a grocery store two blocks away from me.... actually more of a produce mart. I do like a lot of things about the store, but it will never overcome the hate.

Is it way cheaper than the chain store two blocks in the other direction? Yes. Do I usually find everything I need? Mostly (how the heck can you not have fresh mint around here??). Do I hate the people who shop there with a passion? Oh hell yes.

It's not really the store. It's laid out well, I could easily find most non-drugstore-ish things I need there any week. But the people... the people. The people.

I made a trip there on Sunday. Before I left, I walked up to the hubby and told him that if I did not return, he should feel free to remarry. The sad thing is we both know there is a molecule of truth to that.

It starts with the parking lot. People who think they have more rights to EVERYTHING than anyone else, and the fire lanes are full of people sitting in cars, waiting for someone to come out of the store. And it's not someone running in for one or two items... these cars in the fire lane are loaded up with the contents of full grocery carts. Excuse me??

You walk in, and there is the fight and rudeness of the produce section. The other produce-ish place I shop at, there is at least human decency. When your cart is obviously in someone else's way, you move it and everyone is happy. Not at this place. At least 50% of the people there are oblivious that anyone other than themselves exists in the world. And when you decide to fight back with a little rudeness (after a proper "trying to be kind" waiting period) they look at you like you have two heads..... like you just asked to buy their women... like you just took a shit on their shoes. Hello... I am just a hausfrau trying to get the weekly shopping done. Work with me, people.

The deli counter is a demilitarized zone. And a stupid zone. On my most recent trip, there was a lady who was arguing with the OWNER of the store about something, saying she was going to get home and call the office to talk to someone higher. Um... smoke crack, much??

While standing in line to check out, a woman of at least 50 tried to cut in front of me, after I'd been waiting there for 10 minutes and she rolled up. Seriously. I had to chew her out to get her to give it up. Can't ya just play nice in the sandbox???

But... there is love.

When the dude behind the deli counter sees my Sox hat and throws me some love? Great. Actually finding turbot at the seafood counter? I love it. Every ethnic ingredient I could hope for? I loves ya.

The last trip.... some lovely serrano ham and some artichoke focaccia that has provided lunch for five days under ten bucks? Damnit. I'll be back.

Even though this is the place... when they opened a few years back...... they were offering a "free" case of bananas the first time I went there. No thanks... I have no need for a case of bananas. I told them I did not want it. Several times. But, while they were packing groceries and loading my cart.... they slipped one in. I ended up bringing it to work, proving that in most workplaces, people will love anything that is free. They were gone by the end of the day.

Other news... tomato number 2 was picked from my patio plant today. That was the bestest $4 impluse purchase I have made in a LONG time.

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