Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Web Stuff that makes me happy right now...

www.repairpowerjack.com - The power jack on my laptop has been fickle since.... well... probably about a year. It's gotten particularly bad lately. I finally had to buck it up and bring my laptop somewhere to get it fixed. But, I still use my laptop for work for Old Company (although there really hasn't been much lately) so I was really looking for a way to get it repaired during the day so I wouldn't be out of commission for long. Lo and behold, I found this place that could repair it in as little as three hours, and it's not far from work. I dropped off my laptop at lunch today, and picked it up after work. It hasn't worked so well in MONTHS. And I was impressed with the place - all the electrostatic stuff needed right there to be sure they didn't fry my laptop. They also do repairs by mail.... a thing to bookmark if you have a laptop. A big bonus... they switched the power plug on my power supply to a 90-degree angled jack rather than the straight male plug. That causes less stress on the jack, which causes less problems with the power port disconnecting from the motherboard. Guy couldn't have been nicer, they had my laptop ready to boot up right when I walked in so I could make sure that everything (laptop itself, hard drive, CD player, etc.) was up and working correctly before I handed over payment.

www.blinds.com - With the recent neighbor problems, I wanted to get some blinds so we can cover the window in our front door if we just want to hide in here. They were fast in sending samples so I could color match to the stained wood door, and I got my blinds today. They're not up yet, but call me a satisfied customer. Great if you're looking for a non-standard size.

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