Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mad Men... a pack of cigarettes should pop out of your television whenever you turn this show on....

Yeesh. Been watching the marathon on TV today since I missed the first season (hubby watched, I don't know why I only caught some of the episodes in the middle). Good lordy lord... all the smoking. And being a smoker, it's had me wanting a cigarette or searching for food all day.

Last night's dinner was... um.. what was it again? Or yeah, veal parmesan. I asked the hubby if he had any dinner suggestions before I headed out to the stores, and he literally said "Something Parmesan?" Usually he at least gives me a meat suggestion. I thought a little about actually serving him Shoe Parmesan, since he once said he thinks he'd even eat a shoe if it was parmesan-ed.

The one local produce place always has nice veal for some decent prices, so veal it was.

While I was cleaning the kitchen, a stick-o-butter and a mess of onions that were about to turn south on me went in to the crockpot to cook overnight. Woke up to the lovely smells of caramelized onions. Took some out in case I want to use them later in the week, and turned the rest in to french onion soup. Yum. Had a bowl of that today.

Dinner was not as successful. Tried some grilled cornish game hens using an America's Test Kitchen recipe and it was a disaster. The whole grilling experience was a disaster. My sliced zucchini went down in a flaming mess, the chickens were on the grill for 45 minutes and burned on the outside and raw on the inside. Dinner actually ended up being a frozen pizza (so there goes one meal I had planned for this week... sigh).

I do not know what the BLEEP is up with my left hand. It started hurting last week, like typical carpal tunnel pain, and by the end of the week I was having a lot of trouble holding things (which lead to some interesting flinging of things around my cubicle as my hands lost control of things or just spasmed. I can't believe I didn't ever hit anyone walking by with anything). Usually when it's like this it will get better after a couple days, but it hasn't lessened so far. My middle finger and ring finger are totally messed up and are naturally kinda curling in to my palm (it's like I'm throwing the "metal horns" permanently). I have to hope it's more the arthritis and all the whacky storm fronts that have been passing thru the area. Ugh.

Garden is doing good. Actually had a salad today that was all my own tomatoes.... a patio one and a bunch of cherry tomatoes. Got another patio tomato that is turning red. Nothing yet but a bunch of green beauties on my other two plants, but I can be patient.


Scarehaircare said...

Sorry your cornish hens didn't turn out. AS for you rhand, you've got to quit whupping Mr. Man upside the head. (Although i can understand why you do....)

Hurricane Mikey said...

There is nothing at all wrong with turning to frozen pizza when your planned menu goes seriously wrong.

Like a kiss from mommy when you skin your knew, pizza makes it all better.

Hurricane Mikey said...

uh, that's "knee". Damn.

MrsVJW said...

Mr. Man has a head like a rock. I'd probably break my hand if I did that.

And that is the main purpose for keeping at least 2 frozen pizzas on hand at all times. I usually also have some extra cheese to add, somer herbs... makes it all at least better than Pizza Smut....