Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Great Pizza Hunt of 2007

Both my hands are totally shot right now. I figured it wasn't worth cooking dinner tonight. If I got my hands on a knife, I'd probably either seriously hurt myself or intentionally chop off my hands just to stop the pain. Arthritis in your 30s sucks (as it also did in my 20s - but I think being a smidge younger, it didn't seem as bad).

So, the Great Pizza Hunt of 2007 started tonight. And it might be over already.

Some backstory that I learned recently... our old pizza place was next door to a bar that was, um, a dump. A dump where a lot of illegal things happened. It was bad enough that several years back, the one time I picked up a pizza, I decided I was never going to pick up a pizza there again. One of those places that even a pretty tough gal like me doesn't feel 100% safe in the daylight.

Turns out, Dumpy Bar's liquor license depended on the pizza place next door to serve food to the customers. When the pizza place moved from that location, the bar had to close. This made law enforcement and town officials very happy.

This made me hopefully that although the first pizza we got from the "new" location was terrible, they might just be going thru old supplies (frozen crusts, frozen sauce, crappy cheese, etc.) of the Italian place before going for new supplies.

Got the monthly mailers of coupons and such of places in the area, and there was an ad for the pizza/Italian place that mentioned the pizza place was there now. Good sign.

So, tonight, we got another pizza from there. Toppings, cheese and sauce were much improved, if not spot on. The crust still stinks. I can tell it's frozen dough... there is just no life to it.

We might still try the other very nearby pizza place, but I can live with this for awhile, as long as it gets better along the way.


Hurricane Mikey said...

Please take some pics of your pizza quest and post them up here. It's like pr0n to us pizza dorks.


MrsVJW said...

ROFL! Will do. Darn it... wish I had a "before" of how the pizza place used to be....