Wednesday, September 3, 2008

... and we're almost off....

Ugh. Hubsy didn't get off work until a quarter after 8 tonight, and got home a half hour later. Grumpy, surly and disgruntled don't come near describing his mood right now.

It was a calmer day at work... it seems like even when (and it might not be until 2009) the sale of our company goes thru, we can run around like dunk monkeys with poodles for hats and the head company won't care, as long as we continue to meet our goals. That makes me happy. I do hope we get a little more structure coming down from the moutaintop from them, it would be a good thing. But, there are still a lot of people who do not like change at all and will continue to be unhappy. Takes more work to be unhappy 8 hours a day than just deal with change, IMHO.

Might post while in Vegas... might not. Right now, just looking to be away from my & the hubby's work for awhile.

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