Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pot Roast Night

Ya'll know how I love pot roast night, don't you?

And I love the slow cooker.

The biggest pain in the BLEEEEEP in Pot Roast Night is usually getting to the step of making a gravy out of the broth in the slow cooker. It means fishing out the meat and the veg and draining off the broth and blah blah blah blah blah work tons of dirty dishes. I don't like that part.

Tonight, used the concept of Beurre manie. It's a French thing for thickening sauces. Equal parts flour and softened butter. Not a cooked roux, it's butter and raw flour. Easy.

Got home around 5:30pm, it was about 6pm when I got into the kitchen. Mixed equal parts of flour and butter (about 2 1/2 tablespoons) into a paste, then poured some of the hot broth over that and mixed, continued with more broth until I had about a cup of that, and then poured it back into the crock pot and cranked it up to high. Let it go, uncovered, for an hour.

I'll be damned if it didn't thicken up the broth and cook out the flour taste by then. And I didn't have to dirty a strainer, two bowls and another pot in the process. Oh yeah, baby.

And don't be mad Rosie, but I found veal bones again at one of my local markets and I have some veal bones blanching right now....

A happy night in the kitchen. Gotta love those.


Hurricane Mikey said...

You know what the best thing about a happy night in the kitchen is? It usually leads to a happy night in the bedroom!

I'm just sayin'

MrsVJW said...

I keep trying to tell the hubby that if I had a weekly maid service, it'd free up the time an energy and *maybe* I'd start walking around the house in a dress, five inch heels and a string of pearls more often....

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Veal bones, AGAIN?