Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Home again....

Um, yeah, apparently I missed my kitchen.

Trip report to come soon... still working on it. I like to keep them detailed because I am such a dork I usually go back and read them.

Got home yesterday afternoon..... ended up ordering a pizza for dinner, from a place around here that we haven't tried yet. I was going to take a picture of it now that my phone is apparently somewhat working again (went wonky on me in Vegas) or at least the leftovers, but, um.... there were no leftovers. It was that good and we were hungry. And I'll justify it by saying it was loaded with veggies, which was a good day after 4 days of burgers and hardly a veggie in sight.

I had today off still.... so it was time to unpack the luggage, lull around a bit, and head to the store to pick up supplies for the week. The original plan for dinner tonight was just the ole standby beef stroganoff. But, while shopping, I was passing the seafood case and they had some lovely looking clams, so I figured I could still do the beef stroganoff for the hubby and do some clams in white sauce for me.

Figured I'd kinda follow the French Laundry recipe.... clams and wine and herbs, bring to a boil, remove clams when done, strain, reduce the liquid and add a lotta butter. It was actually kinda fun pulling out each clam as it popped open - like a kitchen version of whack-a-mole (Oh look, there is one! Snatch it up. Another! Snatch that one. And two more!). I totall broke the sauce when I was adding the butter (I only used half of the suggested amount) and I really wish I'd have used unsalted butter (I usually just use salted butter, I'm lame that way and I only remember to buy unsalted butter when I'm baking) but even unbroken and a little salty, it was still tasty. And very, very easy. The hubby actually even tried a bit and said it was way better than any other version he's ever had. Yay!

Still have to clean the mess of dishes and prep veggies for tomorrow's dinner.... pot roast. I know the hubby will likely be home late and that can stay heating for awhile.

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