Sunday, September 21, 2008

So how did you use the veal stock anyway??

Bordelaise sauce!!


I made it to pour over some steaks and mushrooms for dinner.

I may not want to marry it, but I'd surely have a nooner with it, if it ever asked.

Carrots, shallots, mushrooms, garlic, thyme and parsley.

Pour on the red wine. The FL cookbook suggests a Cab. I don't drink Cab. I had none on hand. I used Merlot.

Simmer, simmer, simmer, until, the wine has almost reduced....

Then dump in a cup of veal stock.....

The cook until it's a nice sauce-like consistency. Strain off the solids, and pour liberally all over someone and lick it off. It's also pretty good on beef.

Now.... the hubby usually puts steak on his ketchup. I understand some of the appeal of it... tomato, vinegar, spices, it's not the world's worst thing.

Bordelaise is kinda like a combo of ketchup and steak sauce on crack. Nekkid. Running while the cameras from COPS are fixed on it. It's good. Damn good.

Hubby did not partake. His loss. And my gain. I've re-commited to my diet efforts, so it looks like it's a boring week of Lean Cuisine lunches ahead for me. One of them is their meatloaf and potatoes.

I think I may have a nooner with it this week, actually, I hope to take the remainder of sauce and pour it all over my lame, poor little Lean Cuisine. Sorry, Chef Keller. I know it wasn't your intention, but it sure as hell cannot suck.

Wanted to go buy a new excercise bike this weekend, and I did go look, but I found no options that I really liked. Then I decided an elliptical might be more what I am looking for in a piece of excercise equipment. Did some research and came to a decision. Then meausred to make sure I could fit the box into the truck.... I cannot. Would it have been easy for the hubby to call his dad right then, take ten minutes to pick up his Suburband and drive me to Dick's Sporting Goods to pick it up in a grand total of about 30 minutes of activity? Sure. Is that what happened? No. Hubby spent yesterday afternoon, last night, and this morning and afternoon dealing with a rather nasty trojan on his PC. He seemed to think running his anti-virus software for, oh, the SIXTH time would really do the trick. Heck, we could have gotten my flippin' elliptical WHILE any of of the zillion things he tried was chugging away. (Yeah. I'm slightly peeved. Thanks for doing something for ME, hubby. Grumble).

Hubby continued to work on his PC, then went to his folks house to wash his car, then came home, then finally let ME do some stuff to his PC and the problem was fixed in about a half hour.

Don't know when we're getting the elliptical. I would hope this week, but I suspect the hubby will continue his streak of working late, and I suspect even more that if he doesn't he'll make up some cranky excuse to not have to do it. What-ev-ah. If I don't have it by Saturday, we're going for it on Saturday. And if it no longer on the crazy super-sale they're having (they had no date posted for when the sale ended) he's going to suck it up and pay the damned difference.


Marilyn said...

He owes you after you fixed his 'puter!

Between you and Rosie Hawthorne, I am developing some serious veal stock envy.

MrsVJW said...

Marilyn... try and locate some veal bones! It really is easy. And with your issue with chicken, a non-reduced veal stock would make a wonderful substitute for chicken stock in some recipes (the hubby said during my first attempt that it just smelled like really good chicken stock).