Sunday, September 28, 2008

Does anyone really ever get everything done that they want to get done on a weekend?

I sure as heck don't.

Yesterday, I hoped to get up, go take my truck for an oil change, go get the elliptical I wanted, stop at another tile place to try to find the mystery matching tile for our tile, and go to the grocery stores.


Woke up later than I wanted, oil change didn't happen. Waited for the hubby to get ready so we could go to get the father-in-law's Suburban so we could load up the elliptical. Went to the store, and they were out of stock. And the people who walked into the store just before us were headed to get the last one at a nearby store. I was not pleased.

Hubby didn't want to go to the tile store.

On the way home, he did make an unexpected to me stop at Menards. For the bathroom re-do, we need a new door for the linen closet. Actually good thinking to get it while we had the truck. Went to look at the doors and since they had nothing that came finished, I figured it'd be best/easiest to just get a mirrored door so we don't need to add to the to-do list. Besides, it is kinda nice to have a full length mirror SOMEWHERE. Aaaaannnd then found out the hubby didn't bother to measure the door. I was pretty sure we needed a 24-inch bifold door. He thought 30. We went home and measured. It was 24. Back to Menards.

Got the door, got some ceiling paint since the stuff we had dried out. Wooo.

Hubby dropped the goods and me at home, and said he was bringing the truck back and would be back "in a few minutes". I nuked a Lean Cuisine (the Tortilla Crusted Fish is not nearly as gross or disappointing as some of their other fish entrees I've had) and gobbled it up. Thought about making a menu plan and list, but I figured the hubby would be back quick enough where I could sort through that stuff while I was doing the shopping.

I waited.

And waited.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnnd waited.

I do not know why I have yet to figure out that even when the hubby KNOWS I have errands to run and he says he'll be back "in a few minutes" it means at least an hour. And it's not because his parents won't let him escape that quickly.... it's because he then decideds to spent an hour or an hour and a half running his own errands. I wouldn't mind if he told me he'd be doing it and didn't leave me waiting like an idiot. Oh, and I would also be less annoyed if he didn't take the keys to his Camaro so I could use that, or not park the Cougar in right in front of his Camaro.

I was pretty fuming by the time he finally got home. I basically brushed by him and was gone.

I made it as far as the store parking lot, muttering many bad words, before I turned the car around and headed home. I was too pissed off to do the shopping.

Came home and the brother in law was over helping to yank out the vanity upstairs (holy crap! Actual WORK on the bathroom? Wasn't expecting the hubby to get any of that done this weekend) and when the hubby asked why I was back, I muttered something about being too pissed off and he could have TOLD me he'd be gone that long and I pouted on the couch.

Hubby must have figured out I was peeved, since he tried to be nice after that. Apparently being cranky makes me tired, since I crashed out on the couch and he didn't wake me until 7pm. He even went out and picked up White Castles for dinner.

Today I wanted to get going at a reasonable hour to head to yet another tile store and then get the shopping done. Didn't wake early, no tile store. But I did hit the grocery store, Trader Joes, Whole Foods (who knew that crab is actually cheaper there than at the regular store??) and two produce marts. Also did a stroll through Half Priced Books and picked up "Julie & Julia" and hit GFS to get some "I don't care if I leave them somewhere" serving bowls since I plan on making some guac for a party this weekend.

Since I picked up veal bones at BOTH the produce marts, I roasted those so I can have a go at Michael Ruhlman's veal stock. Since it's supposed to cook for a massive 10 hours I don't know when the heck I will finish it, but I at least have it started.

Made Gordon Ramsey's crabmeat & eggs & chives for dinner with some roasted potatoes and asparagus. Yummy.

Laundry load number 3 is in the washer. Kitchen is cleaned. Dishes are done.

Still don't have tile for the bathroom.

Don't have my elliptical.

Didn't get my oil changed.

But, I am enjoying Julie & Julia so far.


The Country Mouse said...

I don't get everything done on a given day that I want to. It seems to multiply on a weekend. I can't figure out whether it's a) poor management, b) unreasonable expectations, or c) some weird time-space continuum that sucks up my time.

But anyway, you're not alone.

MrsVJW said...

I'd go with C.

And I think I also have a bit of d) too big of a desire to take some time to actually RELAX during the weekend.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I never get anything done. I start on one thing, then I get sidetracked, then I go off on a tangent. Perhaps, I'm ADD.

I did start on my carport yesterday.
My life's goal is to be able to drive my truck into the garage, close the garage door, and actually be able to open my truck door and get out. One of these days, this will happen.

Oh, and please do Ruhlman's veal stock. Shhh. I liked his better than French Laundry.

MrsVJW said...

I know Rosie.... I read that and was happy to hear it because I wanted to to ask!

Hurricane Mikey said...

My plan for the weekend was to sit on my ass and watch football and I accomplished everything I set out to do.

Manageable goals, I tells ya, that's the key to success.

Marilyn said...

Been there, done that, meant to get the T-shirt. It never fails that on days I set aside to do the things I want to do, I instead end up having to do stuff for everybody else.