Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In 48 hours......

... I will be on vacation. In Vegas. Hopefully returning to the Flamingo after meeting some 'net friends for a drink.

I'd be slightly more relaxed about it all right now if I hadn't learned today that my current company is merging with a new one. On the surface - we do good on low end, cheap stuff and they do good on high-end, expensive stuff and I think we made a dent in their market share last quarter - it looks like it's on the up & up and will be a good thing. But I, and many I have worked with, have been through it too many times to be 100% comfortable with it all. And it is all just hitting way too close to home with finding out last year, two days before a Vegas trip, that I was downsized (although having to do an hour and a half worth of work for Old Company tonight, "downsized" has a slightly different meaning).

But who cares!! Vegas awaits. I don't think we'll have any gourmet meals this trip.... just not in the mood. Might hit the semi-upscale burger place at Paris... there are rumors of foie gras on a burger there... but even I'm not in to the foodie thing at this point (which is a shame... I've got Restaurant.com certificates for like 4 places that I suspect will go unused).

But who cares?? One more workday, then Vegas!!!!

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